Emerald Ash Borer

Ash Management

Most people in the area all too familiar with the damage Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) causes.  This non-native insect has destroyed nearly all of the ash trees throughout the region.  Once established in an area, EAB has been observed to kill all of the ash trees.  Unfortunately, there is no “cure” for infested trees.

Are There Any Options to Save Your Trees?ash

Several products have been proven, so far to be effective at keeping EAB at bay and the trees alive.  EAB research is young relative to the life expectancy of an Ash tree.  Before June 2002, not even the most knowledgeable scientists in the U.S. knew this insect existed.  Since EAB was discovered much research has been started.  It is ridiculous to call any of these studies “long-term” when you consider the potential life span of ash trees could be hundreds of years.

In addition to the promise offered by early studies, Advanced Tree Health has been successfully protecting ash since the early days of local infestations.  Properly applied systemic insecticides have saved many Ash in the area.

Before spending money on a treatment program, individual trees should be evaluated to decide which are good candidates for such an investment.  The overall health of the tree can help dictate the likelihood of success as unhealthy trees will not absorb the pesticide well.  If the tree is in poor health before treatment starts it us unrealistic to expect preventative pesticides to return the tree to vigor.

Advanced Tree Health uses both soil applied and trunk injected systemic insecticides to treat Emerald Ash Borer.  There are a few circumstances when bark-applied systemic insecticides are used as well.

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